Refresher Smoothie by Leslie Durso

If you’ve been following on social media, I just got back from the Nature Cure Retreat in Ravello, Italy. One of my favorite towns on the Amalfi Coast and home to the beautiful Villa San Cosma. Situated on the side of the mountain, they have unbelievable views and a spectacular garden, producing some of the tastiest produce I’ve ever eaten! Here’s the recipe for a refreshing smoothie I made on a particularly hot day with ingredients straight from the garden! Please email me if you would like more information on Nature Cure Retreat 2016.

Refreshing San Cosma Smoothie

1 apple, deseeded

2 kiwis, peeled

1 large pear

1/2 cucumber

the juice of 1/2 lemon

a handful of fresh mint

pinch of sea salt

2 cups of ice

Blend in a high powered blender and enjoy!