The Deep Dish Vegan Pizza At Fresh Brothers

You may have noticed Fresh Brothers Pizza popping up all over Los Angeles.  But, as with most other pizza places, I didn’t notice too much because I assumed it was just another pizza place.  Oh was I mistaken!  I was invited to a pizza party there by the lovely Whitney Lauritsen, also known as Eco Vegan Gal (if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t follow her, do it now!)  So I grabbed my favorite gluten-free, veggie-eater Fiona Gubelmann and with empty bellies we made our way to one of the newer Fresh Brothers locations in Hollywood. (Right around the corner from Upright Citizens Brigade, not only am I an alum, but one of my fav places for a comedy show!)

Whitney Lauritsen, Fiona Gubelmann and me at Fresh Brothers for a Vegan Pizza Party!

Fresh Brothers tantalized our tastebuds with an array of thin crust, gluten-free, and deep dish pizzas (all vegan of course!)  They top their vegan pizzas with Daiya Cheese.  Which typically I don’t like (you all know I’m not a fan of the processed foods) but I have to say it wasn’t too bad!  I think when I go back I’ll order it “light on the cheese”.  But man, I’m still dreaming of that deep dish crust!  Two big thumbs up from this gal!

The Deep Dish Vegan Pizza At Fresh BrothersFresh Brothers is a welcomed delight to the list of vegan and gluten free places in Los Angeles!  If you are having a pizza party, don’t forget to invite me!