Beanfield's ChipsWhen I was at the Fancy Food Show in NYC a few weeks ago, I came across the Beanfield’s Snacks booth.  I had heard of them because my cousin in-law Brian loves them.  I had never tasted them, so I thought I’d give one a try.  Well, after 20 minutes of learning the company story from one of the founders Roy, and eating my weight in chips(!) I was hooked!  At Beanfield’s they have this amazing mission to change the way Americans eat by providing tasty snacks that are vegan, GMO free, and bean based.  Check out the rest of their story.

I was super duper excited when a box of Beanfield’s chips landed on my doorstep the other day!

First off, all their chips are vegan!  Even the nacho flavor (which I think it my favorite)!  Secondly, these chips are fundamentally different because they are made with beans not corn or potato.  Beans are the most water efficient protein out there and beans require half the total energy of other crops.  So why not make chips out of them!?  Well thank goodness Beanfield’s did!  Need more convincing to give them a try?  How about that they are the best tasting chip I think I’ve ever had?  Good enough for you?  They come in 5 flavors: Nacho, Sea Salt, Pico De Gallo, Salt & Pepper, and Unsalted.

Definitely check this company out!  They are doing some great things and producing a great product! You can connect with them on Facebook or Twitter