Dave's Killer Bread

I first heard about Dave’s Killer Bread months ago, but I could never find it in the store… well that changed.  Looks like someone got the memo.  It’s like Southern California grocery stores have been flooded with it!  By the look of their website, they are available most places now.

I don’t eat a lot of bread and when I do, it’s homemade.  But I will say, this bread is the exception!  It’s delicious!  I don’t think I’ve ever had such yummy packaged bread.  It’s got a great crust, is super soft and fluffy in the middle, but is still strong enough to stand up to the hardest to spread peanut butter.  All of their breads are vegan, organic, and contain no GMO’s.

You should check out their website to hear Dave’s story; it’s very touching and inspiring!  But you should check out the bread if you want something tasty!  Man, I wish I could say Dave’s Killer Bread paid me to feature them, but I’ve never been in contact with them, just a big fan!