This recipe is super simple and super tasty!  It’s my Great Aunt Roses recipe.  (I made it raw today as part of a cleanse I’m doing.  Click here to find out more about it)  All I did was swap out the cans of tomato juice with fresh pureed tomatoes.  So easy!  This is perfect for a raw diet or regular.  I love enjoying it in the summertime after a long day at the beach just like I did in Long Island when I was a kid 🙂  I hope you enjoy!

Raw Gazpacho

Serves 4-6

9 large roma tomatoes

9 sun-dried tomatoes

2 small cloves of garlic

1-2 cups water

1 English cucumber, diced

1 sweet onion, diced

1 yellow pepper, diced

2-3 tomatoes, diced

1 jalapeno -Optional

1 avocado -Optional

Other great add-ins are zucchini, corn, squash, celery, and carrots.

In a blender, puree the roma tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic. Or for a spicy gazpacho, add the jalapeno as well.  Add a little water at a time until you reach desired consistency.  In a large bowl combine the tomato puree with the chopped vegetables and serve chilled.  I like to dice some avocado on top of mine 🙂

note: you are welcome to add salt and pepper to this recipe.

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