What is more patriotic than a red, white, and blue potato salad for the 4th of July!? ¬†Sooooo, what makes this a patriotic salad? I use red potatoes, white potatoes, and blue potatoes ūüėČ ¬†Make sure to watch my video on The Dasani Facebook page to see all I’ll be cooking for Independence day!

Red White & Blue Potato Salad

Serves 8-10

What you’ll need:

16-18 small red, white, and blue potatoes

1/2 purple onion, finely diced

1 tbsp. red wine vinegar

2 tbsp. olive oil

a big pinch of salt

1 cup plus some of vegenaise

chopped chives to garnish

What you’ll do:

Boil the potatoes in a large pot.  While they are boiling, in a large bowl, add the 1/2 finely diced purple onion, a big pinch of salt, mix.  Add in the red wine vinegar and about a cup of vegenaise.  Add a few drizzles of tasty olive oil and mix.

When the potatoes are fork tender (they slide in and out easily, but don’t fall apart) drain them into a strainer. Immediately start quartering or eighthing them and dropping them into the liquid mix. You can leave the skin on or take it off. (I leave it) ¬†Stir every couple minutes to cover them. Add more veganaise as you go till you get it to the right consistency. Salt and pepper to taste. If they are still a little too vinegary, try adding a little sweet pickle juice or salt. Refrigerate a few hours or overnight. I serve them with chopped chives on top.

The key here is to toss the hot potatoes in the mixture. The potatoes will absorb the flavors and cook the onions a little.

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