You may be saying, “What the heck is Quinoa?”  [pronounced: KEENwah] or you may be saying, “duh, I eat it everyday.”  Either way, let’s talk about and explore this ancient food that’s hard to pronounce and oh-so easy to make.

Let’s be clear because there is some confusion… Yes, quinoa is gluten-free and how, you may ask? Well… it’s not a grain, it’s actually a seed — one that is super satisfying and really good for you! So what’s it taste like? Just imagine a light nutty flavor with the texture of couscous. MMM. Loaded with iron, magnesium, fiber and protein, it should be a staple in the pantry of every vegetarian, vegan, and omnivore!  Quinoa is also the only “complete” protein in the vegan world.  It also contains selenium, a trace mineral which helps you lose weight, lowers your risk of heart disease and is considered one of the most effective naturally occurring weapons against cancer.

Sold yet?

You can find quinoa just about anywhere nowadays; look for it in the rice aisle.  My favorite right now is Trader Joe’s organic tri-colored quinoa. Quinoa can integrate in most any of your recipes. Try using in your dishes normally asking for rice, pasta, orzo, or couscous.  Or try my easy-to-make recipes here: Quinoa Recipes and let me know how you make out!