I love watermelon juice on a hot day, so I started thinking of ways I could change that up.  I had a few things in the fridge to mix with it, so I thought I’d experiment.  First I tried cranberry juice with the watermelon… not so good… then it was the pomegranate juice… again, not fabulous.  The only other option was some lemonade that I had made earlier.  Bahzinga!! It was delicious and refreshing and perfect.  Well, almost perfect… while this drink was super fabulous on it’s own, adding a shot of Veev vodka in it made it even better!  Veev is made with acai berries and has a fabulous flavor; therefore giving this drink the extra little kick it needed.

I just poured equal parts pureed watermelon and lemonade in a pitcher and chilled.  For each spiked drink I added a shot of vodka to the glass and poured the watermelon-ade over it.

Bottom line, virgin or spiked, watermelon-ade is awesome!