Are you one of those sweet savory people like me?  Sometimes I just crave chocolate covered pretzels or salted chocolate chip cookies!  I find the sweet savory combo so addicting.  This is the flavor combo I was craving yesterday when I saw some salsa and peaches in the fridge.  It may sound weird, but it's delicious!  And no, I didn't invent this, plenty of companies have been putting fruit in their salsas forever, I just thought I'd share and try to convince you to give it a try if you haven't yet.  And I much prefer cutting up my own fruit as opposed to that jellied stuff floating in a jar of salsa.

0salsaThis is also the easiest way to cut the heat of a salsa if you accidently bought one that was too spicy!  Just dice up your peach into bite size pieces and stir in.  Fruits like mango and pineapple are also fabulous add ins.  So next time you are making salsa, don't be afraid to add something a little sweet!