Wanna know the secret for making the best pizza you'll ever make at home?  The barbecue!  Yup, that's right, the barbecue is not just for hamburgers and hot dogs.  Cooking pizza on the grill gives your crust that crisp bottom and soft center that we all love about pizza ovens.  

0pizza2So how do you do this you ask?  Place your pizza stone right on the grill and heat the bbq up on high heat.  The fact that the bbq can get well above 600 degrees is the real secret.  Place the pizza on the pizza stone and close the lid.  The pizza will cook pretty quickly, about 3-5 minutes depending on how hot your bbq gets.

Here is the recipe for my pizza dough and tomato sauce.  

Now this particular pizza I added a few fun toppings.  I sliced some tomatoes and basil from the garden and after it was done cooking I topped it with a big handful of arugula.  Ever tried arugula on pizza?  It's fantastic!

0pizza1So get outside, fire up the barbie and make some pizza!