What!?  We're talking Moscow Mule's people!  Ever had one?  You've got to try it!  

0drinkI was recently out with my good friend Kris (who owns the cutest stores Bella Beach and Bella Beach Kids in Manhattan Beach) and we grabed some drinks at Fraiche in Culver City.  I ordered a version of a moscow mule made with rum instead of vodka with lots of fresh herbs in it.  It was delicious!  So when I got home I decided to try to make one of these on my own.

Now since I've never made one before, I decided to stay basic and save the more complicated flavors for next time.  There are 3 ingredients in a moscow mule, vodka, ginger beer and lime.  So I filled a glass with ice, added a shot of vodka (my favorite is Tito's Vodka), a half a bottle of ginger beer and a squeeze of lime.  These were so good!!  I also made a version with whiskey in it for my friends who equally loved it.  

Bottom line, I seriously recommend running to your nearest store to buy ginger beer and lime so you can make these tonight!