Man oh man oh man do I love figs!  It's an Italian tradition to have a fig tree in your yard.  Unfortunately I do not, but fortunately my parents do!  Every time the fruit gets ripe I high tail myself down to San Diego to eat some of their figs.  Now, I love eating these guys plain right off the tree, but I also love them broiled.  When you broil them you can serve them over salad, dessert or just about anything.  

0figLast night I cut them up, broiled them for just a second, and served them over vanilla bean ice cream.  Figs also go great with almond milk ice cream and then it becomes vegan too 🙂  This is one of my favorite summer desserts!  The sweet figs, the rich ice cream…. yum!  So if you need to beat the heat tonight, give these a try!