And why don’t you deserve a weekday fancy breakfast?!  This is so easy and will get you going in only a few minutes.

Oatmeal_brulee-1-webSo all you have to do is make oatmeal the way you normally would, but to make it super special, I add a pinch of cinnamon when it’s cooking and because I like mine creamy I cook it in half water and half soy milk.  I also stir in some chia seeds at the end just for some extra benefits.  When it’s done, place the oatmeal in a bowl and sprinkle with a teaspoon or more of brown sugar.  Now, if you have a kitchen torch: awesome, but if you don’t you have a couple options.  You can put the oatmeal in an oven proof bowl and broil it for just seconds or you can use a lighter like this:

IMG_6500-webSo easy!  So this weekend, why don’t you make your breakfast a little fancier?