First off, how gorgeous is that quilt??  We spent last weekend in Lake Charles, Louisiana for our friends wedding.  It was a fabulous weekend!  Even though the South is not always the most vegetarian friendly place, I adore it down there!  It's so pretty and the people are so great!  This quilt was on one of the guest beds at our friends house and is over 100 years old!  I couldn't help taking pictures of it to share : )

0wineBonterra Vineyards is in beautiful Mendicino (if you have never been up there, I highly recommend it!).  It's an 100% organic wine, which of course make it even more enjoyable.  

Honestly, I don't often love a cabernet sauvignon.  I find them a little too complex for me to drink alone and I find it hard to sometimes pair it with vegetarian food. (PS if you have bottles you'd like me to try, please recommend!)  That being said, I loved this wine!  It was much smoother than a lot of other cabs and there was no lingering on the back of my tongue.  Really exciting flavors with a beautiful soft finish.  Two thumbs up over here!  I would pair this wine with some bold cheeses, tomatoes, olives or of course chocolate.  

Another great part about this wine is that it tastes expensive.  Laugh all you like, but who likes a bottle that tastes cheap??  You can find this bottle for $11.99.  I got this particular one at Whole Foods in Dallas, TX (long story short: we had to land in dallas and drive to lake charles!), so you can find this wine there or at my favorite place for wine, K&L Wine. (If you don't know that store, check it out!  Full of great finds and great prices!)


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