1111antrowineWhenever I see a bottle labeled "sustainably farmed" I take a second look.  Sustainable farming is so important to our world environment!  I won't go into a whole speech about it today because it's Wednesday and that means it's all about wine!  I kinda love this quote taken from the Anthropology website:

Anthropology, by definition, is the study of the culture and traditions.  Remarkably, one of the oldest social customs on record is the enjoyment of a great glass of wine.  With this in mind, we use sustainable vineyard practices to craft a rich, well-balanced Shiraz that is perfect for all occasions. Pure estate-grown, Central Ranges, Australia.

It kinda sums it up right?  But I do love this wine for two reasons: It goes down very smooth and it is under $10!  This wine is not that complex, it is in fact pretty simple.  But that's the kind of wine that's perfect for a little unwinding after a long day.  This wine doesn't need to be paired with anything just a comfy chair and a glass.  So if you are in that kind of mood definitely check out Anthropology Shiraz.