Yup, this is the best name I could come up with for these.  Though my friend Colleen had a great suggestion with "Wee Deviled Potatoes".  

1010pot1As you could see from earlier posts, I've been trying to "re-think" some classic Irish St. Patrick's Day menu items.  Today I decided to tackle potato salad.

I thought about the parts I don't love about potato salad.  One being, it's kind of an ugly dish.  Two, you have to eat it with a fork  errrrr!  This got me thinking.  Do you have to eat potato salad with a fork?  What about a potato salad finger food?  Yes!  I went straight to the store to get me some baby potatoes and give this a whirl.

This dish came out fantastic and just how I envisioned!  A simple, yet elegant, potato salad.  

Deconstructed Potato Salad

Makes 20 pieces

What you'll need:

10 baby red potatoes

2 celery stalks, finely chopped

1 carrot, grated

1/4 of a sweet onion

1 tbsp. chopped pickles or relish

1/3 cup veganaise or mayonaise

a dash of dry mustard

salt and pepper to taste

chives, chopped to garnish

What you'll do:

Wash the potatoes well and boil in a medium pot until fork tender.  Drain and rinse them in cold water.  In a small bowl, mix the rest of ingredients together minus the chives.  Season to taste.

To assemble: Slice the potatoes in half and then slice a very thin layer off the bottom so it can stand flat. (you don't want these suckers rolling all over the place)

1010pot2Next, using a small spoon, scoop out a little indentation so the filling has somewhere to sit.

1010pot3Spoon in some filling and top with the chopped chives.  Chill and serve.

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I hope you enjoy this new recipe as much as I enjoyed creating it : )