Ok people, tonight we are doing a real time blog.  Which means yes, it's Wednesday evening and yes, I'm drinking this fabulous wine as we speak (I apologize ahead of time for any spelling errors)


Sorry I got a little creative with my picture tonight, but I'm trying out all new places to stage my photos in the new place : )  That's our pool, it's so pretty!

This wine is called "Hey Mambo" which to be honest with you is why it caught my eye.  The labels states a "sultry" "bistro style wine" and that it is.  A great drinking wine, as my father would describe it.  It's full bodied while still being smooth and has a hint of fruit.  Very yummy!  And the best part, I found it on sale for $7.99!!!  But the regular price is still only $9.49.  I definitely rank this wine very high for such a wonderful price point.
Definitely keep an eye out for Hey Mambo and grab it for your next fabulous Italian meal!

I found this bottle on K & L wine, one of my favorite shops and sites!  They sell it for $8.99