I hate even admitting this, but I think summer is coming to an end : (  It happened this morning when I took the dogs out for a walk and had to come back in to get a sweater.  I realized that not only will it be getting colder, but my most favorite fruits and vegetables will be making their way out of season.  To enjoy a little bit more, I made myself a big heirloom tomato salad!  Gosh they are good!


You don't really need a recipe for a salad like this.  It's also known as a caprese salad.  All you need is some sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese (I use bufala here), some basil, salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar (I used a balsamic cream that you can find at a fancy food store)  Make it pretty on the plate and enjoy the fresh flavors of summer!  I suggest eating it outside enjoying the sun while you still can!