These little appetizers are sooo easy and always a crowd pleaser!  They are perfect when you are looking for a fun and healthy snack.

The only thing this recipe requires is a melon baller.  If you don't have one, pick one up here : )

6a012876272fb6970c0133f3859e43970b-800wiHummus in a Cucumber Cup

What you'll need:

2 English cucumbers (English have a more dense center and won't fall apart)

1 container of hummus (my recipe will be posted soon, but you can cheat here)

1 roasted red bell pepper (you can also use jarred here)

What you'll do:

Cut the cucumber into approximately 1 inch pieces.  Using a melon baller scoop out the inside to make a little cup.

6a012876272fb6970c013486a9318b970c-800wiNext, fill up the cup with a teaspoon of hummus.

6a012876272fb6970c013486a93293970c-800wi And that's it!!  Just top with the sliver of bell pepper or whatever else creative you can think of. 

6a012876272fb6970c0133f385a539970b-800wiHow easy and fun!  Enjoy!!