Hooray for grilling season!!!  Who doesn’t love being outside and grilling!  I’m going to give you some great ideas this summer for making your cookout the best on the block!  Starting with grilled cabbage!  This may sound like a strange idea, but trust me, once you try it, it will be your new staple!

Grilled cabbage is so tender and delicious!!  You can eat it plain, you can make a salad out of it or you can put it on a burger.  Anyway you choose, it’s just plain yummy!

Grilled Cabbage

What you’ll need:

1 head of cabbage cut into 1/8 wedges

olive oil


What you’ll do:

take the 1/8 wedges of cabbage, drizzle them with a little olive oil and sprinkle them with a little salt.  Place them on the grill and flip after about 2-3 minutes (depending on how hot your grill is)  Remove and serve!  That easy!

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