Inception wine that is! : )  It's not very often I get to say, "my friend made me a great bottle of wine".  Actually, it's more like never.  But this is the one exception.  My wonderful friend Dawn Marie is married to a wine maker!  How cool is that?!  And to top it off, the wine is Ah-Maze-Ing!!

6a012876272fb6970c0134884d2866970c-500wiSo, this pinot noir is so classic!  All the things I love!  It filled your mouth with that rich, delicious flavor and finished smooth and fabulous!  There is a wonderful berry taste!

Inception will set you back about $30 but it's worth every penny!

You can find Inception if you are in the Los Angeles area at John and Pete's, Froma, Greenblatts, Mission Wines (in Pasadena) and The Cheese Store Beverly Hills  

You can order it at these restaurants: Cut, Spago, The grill, Wilshire, Moonshadows, The Biltmore (Santa Barbara), Nonna, Bardot, Voyeur, and Street

If you get a chance, try it!  You won't regret it!