Is is a sandwich?  Is it a quesadilla?  It's both and it's delicious! : )  I decided to experiment with the first ingredients I saw in my fridge and this was an awesome result! 

Arugula Ques-wich

What you'll need:

1 tortilla

a few spoonfuls of ricotta cheese (store bought or homemade)

a handful of (good) parmesan cheese

a big handful of arugula

What you'll do:

Heat a frying pan up on medium low and put the tortilla in it.  Add the a thick layer of ricotta and a handful of parmesan cheese. Fold it over in half and let cook on each side for about two minutes or until golden.  When it's done, place on a plate and open up.  Add a big handful of arugula, close back up and cut in half.  That's it!

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