Don't you dare throw out those beet greens!  They are so tasty, really good for you and really easy to make!  They taste like a hearty version of spinach.  If you never have, give them a try!  So here is a crash course on how to prep, cook, and serve beet greens.  

I'm using golden beets today, but red beets would taste just as yummy.

So first cut off the beets and save for the next blog ; )

Take the stalk in your fingers and snap at the base of the leaf.

Once you've snapped the stalk, pull down and pull some of the ribs off.  (like celery, they can get a little stringy, but this method solves it completely)

Next, soak and or rinse the leaves well!  They tend to usually be a little sandy.

In a medium frying pan, heat a little olive oil.  Add some sliced garlic then. . . 

add the greens!

Add a few squeezes of a lemon. (vary depending on how much you like lemon or you can omit it completely)

cook, turning often, until it wilts to about half the size of the original pile.  Serve warm.  

This is such a yummy side dish!!  It goes great with just about anything!  

PS Thanks Mom and Dad for my awesome new camera!  I feel like I should redo every picture on my blog now!