Limoncello is a really yummy after dinner digestive.  It's a fabulous way to end any evening or dinner party.  This recipe is really easy, but it's time consuming.  But when you serve it, everyone will be so impressed that you've made your very own limoncello!  This is the recipe my Mom uses.  My parents have a HUGE lemon tree in their backyard that gives them beautiful lemons year round.  Every time I'm down in San Diego, I take a big bagful home!  So here is the recipe!  Have fun with it!


What you'll need:

4 cups vodka (I like to use the good stuff, you can really tell in the end. Grey Goose is yummy)

Zest of 10 lemons, no pith at all (pith is the white stuff) 

 2 ½ cups sugar 

 3 ½ cups water 

 What you'll do: 

Place vodka and zest in a sealable jar or bottle and allow to sit in a cool place for 4 days.  (I used an empty liquor bottle and put in the refrigerator).  On the fifth day place the sugar and the water in a saucepan and bring to a boil.  Allow to cook for 5 minutes, remove from heat and allow to cool.  Add sugar solution to the vodka solution and allow to stand overnight.  The next day strain through a layer of cheesecloth in a conical sieve, pressing the solids firmly.  (I used a small strainer with cheesecloth).  Strain again through a second layer in the same manner.  Return to the sealable container.  Chill and allow to stand for one week.  Serve very cold.